We are hugely grateful to our advertisers and sponsors for their support and we urge members to support them in return.


We are hugely grateful to our advertisers and sponsors for their support and we urge members to support them in return.

With huge thanks to our generous sponsors...

...and to our much appreciated advertisers

As a club we are dependent on membership fees as well as other lines of revenue. Advertising and sponsorship are an important element of our funding and we are in a position to be able to offer a range of flexible options, depending on your budget and scale of ambition. Some examples below:


Interested in supporting the club?

Contact Russell marketing@mardenchc.co.uk

Not familiar with the club? This prospectus provides a little insight to our club.

Advertising Boards

Our high impact advertising boards have proved hugely popular. These tough, high quality road-grade aluminium boards offer high visibility and are competitively priced for a 3-year duration.


Mounted along the hockey fencing in two zones.

Dimensions 2.4m x 39cm.

From £690 + VAT for 3 years (ie £230 pa)


Sited beside the pond area and visible to all players and spectators.

Dimensions 3m x 72cm.

From £1200 + VAT for 3 years (ie £400 pa)

Hockey Pitchside Banners (mesh)

Eye catching banners running along pitchside, made from robust wind permeable PVC mesh. High visibility runs of 10m and 5m by 67cm high start from £500 + VAT pa, depending on location. Ask about other lengths. 

All prices include printing, delivery and installation. What’s more, all options come with digital benefits too: a web listing and occasional newsletter mentions to ensure maximum exposure.

If interested, contact Russell: marketing@mardenchc.co.uk

Friends of Marden Cricket & Hockey Club

The ‘Friends of MCHC’ scheme is aimed at private individuals and families who wish to support the club without seeking commercial exposure in return.

Friends of the club have the opportunity to fund an item in their name with a specific donation. Friends of MCHC will be listed on this page (this is of course optional).

Memorial Benches

These high quality, sustainably sourced solid teak 3-seater benches are professionally assembled and a brass plaque can be included within the cost if desired. Cost £550.

They will be positioned around the cricket ground, along the ‘Hockey Walkway’ overlooking the astros and elsewhere potentially too.

Club Benches

We also invite Friends to purchase a club bench. These will be solid, softwood and not anchored to the ground, so will be deployed around the ground as required. Priced at £300, a brass plaque can be fitted as an extra if required by the Friend.

If interested, please contact marketing@mardenchc.co.uk

With huge gratitude and thanks...

  • Henson family
  • Waters family
  • Tomkinson family
  • Day family
  • Sunnucks family
  • Hayes family
  • Wickham family
  • Tipples family
  • Jakob family
  • Bonney family
  • Fry family

Sponsorship & Advertising FAQs

Advertising and sponsorship make a huge difference to the success of our club. Subscriptions and other revenue streams ensure a healthy operation but the injection of finance from supportive, like-minded third parties allows a club to truly take flight.

State of the art facilities mean that Marden Cricket & Hockey Club will always have capital projects that require planning for in order to ensure that sporting generations of the future benefit and thrive.

Sponsorship can underpin those plans.

At Marden Cricket & Hockey Club, we seek out sponsorship partners with shared values and common goals. We absolutely look for long term relationships with sponsors where mutual benefits can be derived.

A lasting partnership can generate real value for sponsors while delivering brand recognition and traction among their target audience.

Continuity, consistency and commitment are vital elements to ensure stable direction of travel.

Partnering with Marden Cricket & Hockey Club is a chance for your business to be positioned at the heart of a dynamic grass roots club with a long pedigree of sporting excellence.

Your brand can be exposed to an ABC1 membership, and huge numbers of visitors, with many common characteristics: a love of sport and healthy activity, an enjoyment of sporting achievement and progression, a desire to provide a social environment in which their children can develop.

And, of course, a pleasure in having some fun and celebrating some club-wide sporting success!

If these characteristics match your vision for your brand, then we should talk.